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Associate Creative Director, Copy

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The Highlight Reel

Brought on as Senior Copywriter and promoted to ACD of Copy, I bring my brand-focused chops to the creative team. I work closely with the Director of Brand, Senior CD, and Founder/CEO to define our brand voice based on audience insights and company vision. This looks like:

Brand messaging to translate vision and strategy into concrete language.

Thoughtful management of in-house and freelance copywriters. 

Regulatory resources to make sense of what we can and can't say.

Review of outgoing copy to ensure brand consistency.

Finally, the chance to strut my brand strategy stuff in a corporate setting.


After years of experience in brand strategy as a freelancer and entrepreneur, I leapt at the chance to flex those muscles in-house.

Working closely with our brand team and our Founder/CEO, I helped create the Ka'Chava Brand Book,

​a comprehensive resource for in-house and outside partners on how we look, feel, and sound—and most importantly, why. 

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The finalized Ka'Chava Brand Book includes:

  • Positioning

  • Brand messaging: mission, vision, and values statements 

  • Brand tagline

  • Our story (long and short versions) 

  • Our audiences

  • Product messaging

  • Brand voice definition 

  • Logo + design guidance 

  • Photography preferences 

Note: Pages from this brand book cannot be publicly shared for proprietary purposes. Contact me for more info.


You'll also see my name in the credits for...

Event signage

Landing pages

Performance ads

Campaign messaging

New product packaging

Partnership & program launches

"You not only led the horse to water. You made it drink."

- Simon Malone, CEO & Founder of Ka'Chva

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