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Impact on Education

Brand Strategy - Brand Messaging - Content Strategy


The Highlight Reel

Impact on Education knew the engagement they wanted from their community, but not how to ask for it. And with multiple people speaking for the org—from board members to staff to active volunteers—they needed to all be singing the same tune.

The solution? 


Brand strategy sessions to understand the mission and vision of the org 


Brand voice development


Foundational brand messaging including mission, vision, DEI statement, and identification of key audiences

Presentation-ready decks tailored to each group representing the org 


A content calendar to reach their audiences across channels 

The strategy:

Set against the majestic backdrop of the Rockies, Boulder is known for being an affluent, progressive city. 

So it might be surprising to learn of persistent income and opportunity gaps that unfairly impact students of lower socioeconomic status. 

The first goal of IoE's communications plan was awareness, especially among wealthier members of the community and thriving businesses. They might be aware of how they could give back to their community. We wanted to offer ways to build equity over equality. 

The second was to communicate the offer for logistical support. With IoE's established fundraising tools and logistical infrastructure, they could act as a hub for other nonprofits and programs. We needed to get that message out. 

Finally, consensus. The IoE community is full to bursting with people who care about the org. They need to be singing the same tune to make the maximum impact. Cue the messaging decks and content calendar. 

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"Every time we need to know what to say, we've got a tool in our toolbox we can use—thanks to our work with Ali."

- Allison Billings, Executive Director of Impact on Education

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